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DIENPI s.r.l.

Following the emergency Covid-19 DIENPI has immediately converted a production line of certified surgical washable and disposable masks for adults and children, as well as gowns and protective clothing in TNT.
Currently the company produces for the Italian Civil Protection, hospitals, schools and companies in general. Note the transparent mask suitable for better communication both in the medical and working environment.
Currently DIENPI has obtained 3 certifications from the Italian Istituto Superiore di Sanità for WASHABLE, DISPOSABLE and PEDIATRIC masks called DIENPI SAFE MASK, and has created its own logo dedicated to individual protection devices called DIENPI SAFE. It also filed no. 5 CLASS 1 MEDICAL DEVICES, in self-certification CE.


Masks and medical clothes.



The company has a good solvency and economic availability, so when Covid-19 emergency occurred the owner could decide rapidly to insert innovative face masks automatic production and, thanks to the deep experience in clothes, to manufacture medical clothes and protective gowns.


Medical clothes, protective gowns, protective pillowcases.

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CAMORAK s.r.l.

In Aprii 2020, Camorak obtained the assignment of the "Cura Italia" Call for the conversion of the production of alcoholic sanitizing gel for the Covid-19 emergency and will shortly obtain the PMC authorization (Medicai Surgical Unit).
Over the years Camorak received several awards, in terms of sustainability, from the Chamber of Commerce and Confindustria and it has also obtained eco-sustainable and organic certifications.
Camorak guarantees its quality also on this very important product far health protection. The sanitizing action is ensured starting from a minimum percentage of 70% alcohol.
Camorak has created a farmulation which, in addition to the sanitizing action of 70% ethyl alcohol, combines the activity of the ozonated oil and rebalances the hydrolipidic film of epidermal protection, attacked by the same alcohol and detergents in general.


Hygiene, disinfectants and detergents



Reconversion to the production of face masks, surgical masks type II.


Face masks



Archimede acted in a few days, from the appearance of Covid-19 problem, to convert its full production.
Since 08-03-2020 fully committing its workforce, it produced plexiglass barriers for more than 200,000 pieces in 3 months.
Moreover Achimede converted the production of its machineries, also buying some new ones, for the production of visors, managing the output of 1 million pieces per month.


Plexiglass barriers, face masks, gel dispensers, visors.


We reconverted production lines in order to satisfy the need of protective Safety Goggles/ Eye protectors.

Mechanical and textile

Safety glasses, safety goggles, eye protectors, face masks


Product n.1 - Smart T-Shirt

Continuous monitoring of vital signs in ordinary living conditions, without the person noticing because the fabric itself is a device. Bio-vital parameters are detected by printed and invisible polymeric sensors in the fabric, sent to a miniaturized control unit (which will soon be transformed into an intelligent Smart Tag label) which records the data, converts it into digital format, and then transmits it to a bidirectional platform that transmits to the user via phone or smartwatch and to a remote unit that evaluates its values with medical software. During the detection of anomalies, an alert signal is issued followed by diagnostic tests. lf the anomalies are serious, the technological chain Smart Tag cloud emergency operators intervenes.
lt is necessary to emphasize that the monitoring carried out by AccYouRate garments does not have direct purposes of diagnosis or therapy, its peculiarity lies in the ability to analyze and report situations of interest and/or danger to the health of the individual. The data collected offer the company realities different ways of intervening, at the managerial and organizational level.

Product n.2 - Smart Safe Mask
The launch of the strategic supply model of protective masks starts from the assumption of providing a solution that replaces the routine needs of "disposable" products, in favor of a superior category product, economically competitive and re-usable.
The current contingency pushes large organizations to find huge volumes of disposable masks (the replacement is daily) not permanently available and at "out of control" prices. Also for this reason, a protection solution based on a mask produced in ltaly, durable and sanitizable is easier and more appropriate. In this case, the developed "Safe Mask" protective mask has better wearability and protection features, compared to disposable masksthat were created for uses other than the continuous protection of contaminants by air. The materials and construction logic of the "Safe Mask" have been identified in accordance with principles of easy production, low cast and priority for the use of national raw materials, easy to find in ordinary conditions. AII materials are also capable of full disposal and production recycling, according to the logic of circular economy.
The "Safe Mask" was therefore designed to guarantee a higher level of comfort, stability and skin tolerability, even in conditions of prolonged periods of use.
lt is necessary to specify how this template is at the end of the certification process by the laboratories of the University of Bologna, in accordance with the parameters defined for the IIR (maximum protective) model of the BS-EN-150-10993-1 standard for the product category "Medicai Face Masks". (ISS certification).


"Smart T-shirt" and "Safe Mask".



During Covid-19 emergency Cerichem worked 24/24h to improve the production and to mantain basic prices in order to provide items for clients, schools, offices, hospitals and so on. Cerichem donated € 0,30 to hospitals nearby for each product sold.

Cosmetics and Healthcare

Sanitizing products, disinfectants

logo DIPROMED.png


In 1 month: expansion of the production capacity for the production of surgical masks by reconverting an area used as a warehouse through the construction of a manufacturing area class ISO 8, equipped by two automated machines for the production of surgical masks with high production capacity. The surgical mask Type IIR are manufactured under quality system ISO 13485 and marked CE according to Annex VII European Directive 93/42/EEC.
All made in Italy raw materials.


Surgical masks.

EPPOS s.r.l.

We are one of the first companies in the world that have developed a

sensor with +- 20 cm accuracy for social distancing monitoring.

ICT sector

Social distancing sensors

TOSTI s.r.l.

We have converted part of the production facility to the production of face shields. We have obtained the necessary know-how by exploiting synergies with the multidisciplinary technological laboratory Certema with the support of School of Advanced Studies Sant'Anna in Pisa, the contribution of the Tuscany Region and the Province of Grosseto.
Our PPE are CE certified in compliance with Standard(s) EN 166: 2001.


Face shields.


SPRING s.r.l.

Convert production to make certified face shields in a very short time (less than

15 days).


Face masks, face shields


Coming from experiences in innovative biotechnology for cleaning thermal and technological equipment, we have thought about a natural element to fight the Covid-19 pandemic. We have therefore founded Green Strategies to respond to a market that requires professional and effective products.


Ozone generators for the sanitization of environments


Lubawa S.A. reacted to the Covid-19 pandemic emergency in a very vigorous way. The company quickly developed its own designs of a face shield, face mask and PPE suit. But most importantly, in cooperation with Nederman and Moratex companies, Lubawa S.A. developed a brand new design to help isolating people potentially infected with Covid19 - the lsolation Chamber. The product, with a filtration and ventilation air handling unit for biomedical applications, has been designed to create an isolated, closed space for patients infected with SARS- COV-2 or patients under quarantine. The chamber is designed to be used by medical personnel.
Due to the modular design of the ISOLATION CHAMBER, it is best suited for COVID dedicated hospitals, large medicail centers, nursing homes and other public institutions, which have to create special zones of isolation.
-The filtration and ventilation Air Handling Unit (AHU) maintains the negative pressure of minimum 10 Pa inside
-the chamber filters the air entering the chamber and clears the air extracted from the chamber. lt ensures appropriate quantity of fresh air inside the patient's section, manages the entrance and exit procedure and ventilates the chamber after the decontamination process.
- The AHU is equipped with a 3-stage filtration system for the air entering the unit and for the air extracted from the unit. The AHU uses G4, F7, H14filters.
- The AHU chambers have been soundproofed with a special noise dampening materiai to ensure the highest comfort for both the patient and staff.
- Despite its weight, the AHU is very mobile thanks to the swivel wheels on bearings with a motion lock mechanism to ensure stability when parked.
-The air supply and exhaust ducts of the AHU are made of smooth galvanizedpipes with a quick connection system ensuring superior tightness.
- The alarm system (visual and audible alarm system) managing the entrance and exit procedure, signals the following conditions:

  • Correct/incorrect level of negative pressure inside chambers
  • Air fan malfunctions
  • Replacementof worn out filters
  • Vestibule (air lock) entrance/exit is possible
  • Patient's section entrance/exit is possible
  • C02 level inside the patient's section exceeded

- The transparent foil enables constant observation of the patient's condition without having to enter the cabin.
- Openings with sleevesinterface with the devices of the filtering and ventilation system to ensure ventilation and filtration of the air inside the chamber.
- The lightweight and modular design of the frame allows for quick and easy assembly and disassembly of the chamber.
The frame is made of unified aluminum profiles with hexagonal cross-section.
- Frame connectors are made of anti-corrosive or painted steel.
- The chamber has the shape of a closed cube, with the vestibule (air lock) and the patient's section inside.
- The chamber is suspended on the frame via straps with snap buckles.
The chamber floor is made of reinforced PVC fabric.
- The entrance to the air lock and patient's section are zipped.
- The left chamber wall is equipped with technical openings (for supply of medical equipment, introducing medicai gases, etc.), one in each chamber.
- The vestibule has a lock-type technical opening for disposing used
Personal Protection Equipment:
- On the right wall of the chamber there are openings to introduce the filtering and ventilation AHU pipes.
- The sleeves have tapes with snap buckles to compress and seal the connection.
- The blowing tunnels of the filtering and ventilation AHU system are suspended via carabiners.
- The chamber has a pocket for the medicai report.
- lnside the vestibule there are Velcro tapes for mounting the decontamination system.
- There are horizontal straps with snap buckles a round the cabin to evenly tighten the fabric and reduce the effects of negative pressure.


Isolation Chamber, face masks


We know how expensive disinfecting solutions based on alcohol are. That is why we came up with two unique products: AXG hand sanitizer and AXG disinfection gel concentrate for all surfaces and tools. The cost of our disinfecting concentrate is only 1/65 of the similar products based on alcohol and the disinfecting effectiveness is higher. Both our products can be made with private label.

Cosmetics and Healthcare

AXG hand sanitizer, AXG disinfection gel


MGL sp. z.o.o.

TouchFREE Automatic Hand Disinfection Station (Warehouse Hygienic Rack) is an appliance enabling touchless hand disinfection. Thanks to such solution You can be ensured that exceptional level of health & safety is provided for Your employees during COVID-19 pandemic as well as anytime. The Touchless Automatic Hand sanitizer allows you to continue all business processes where remote work options cannot be applied – in brick and mortar stores, offices, workplaces and warehouses. The installation of our automatic sanitizer ensures that an employer meets the applicable sanitary requirements resulting from internal EU regulations and provisions. Warehouse Hygienic Rack MRH-01 is a fully Polish product, which is fully produced in manufacturing facility located in Rawa Mazowiecka halfway between Warsaw and Lodz with excellent access to expressway network.


Antibacterial gel dispenser environments



During the covid emergency, we have reconverted a part of the company in order to meet the strong demand for PPE. Thanks also to lnvitalia possibility, we started to produce face shields. All the production activities are inside our plant.

Mechanical (automotive)

Face shields

ROZTOCZE sp. z.o.o.

Flexibility in terms of delivering to clients custom products/solution. In our response to COVID-19 we introduced our own products: face shields, hands-free door openers.


Face shields, hands-free door openers.



When the COVID-19 pandemic spread to our country and region some hospitals in urgent need turned to us for help. Therefore we decided to use our capacity and engage in the fight against SARS-CoV-2 while trying to meet the necessary requirements. Our products, which we have implemented in a very short time to hospitals, have been presented in several Polish news programs in a very short time.


Decontamination chamber, tents for initial diagnostics of COVID patients, plexiglass protective wall, protective wall for safe temperature check. Safety uniforms. BIOSAN disinfectant.


3E ITALIA s.r.l.

Our company has always worked on the head of innovation. It was born from a spin-off of another company with 20 years of experience in led lighting and innovative systems of protection from atmospheric discharges.


Ozone and UV-C sanitizers cabinets



Due to Covid-19 outbreak we quickly responded to the market needs and now we have a very big production capacity.
The visors in pur face shields are resistant to damages from disinfecting and cleaning products. They stay clear (do not turn matt) and do not get scratch marks and last far a long time. lf needed, the visors are replacable, so you do not have to buy new face shields to replace used ones, just new visors.


Face shields


Less than two weeks after the pandemic was announced in the world, the production of the SelfClean kiosk - a self-service and non-contact hand sanitizer device - started at the Selfmaker headquarters in Łódź, Poland. Thanks to its small dimensions and, at the same time, a stable structure, it can be successfully installed in both small retail and service outlets as well as large-area ones. The offer has already attracted large sales networks from Poland, Spain, France, as well as smaller ones from Eastern Europe. <<We decided to support the market in what we do best - by providing a self-service kiosk, but this time not for sale or service, but for hand disinfection>>, comments Marek Wieteska, CEO of Selfmaker Technology. SelfClean has been developed with a wide range of applications in the medical, retail, horeca and even fitness industries in mind. The kiosk has a large cavity for disinfecting both hands and an automatically dispensed liquid, which minimizes the need to touch any surfaces during disinfection. SelfClean is a proprietary kiosk developed by engineers who work at Selfmaker - a Polish company from Łódź, which produced self-service devices for over 30 corporate clients throughout Europe.

Mechanical and ICT sector

SelfClean hand disinfection kiosk


During the health emergency caused by Coronavirus, it became essential to adopt new measures to protect our health in public places, at work and at school. To cope with these problems, Lean Products has developed Be-Free: automated and manual solutions far surface and air sanification, based on UV-CLED technology.


Be-Free: automated and manual/fixed solutions for surface and air sanification, based on UV-C LED technology



We immediately changed the production profile based on the owned equipment and our human potential.


Mini face shields, face masks, protective aprons.


The C-PAP helmets are simple to use, especially when compared to classic assisted ventilation systems, and after an appropriate training to the hospital staff they can be used even outside the intensive therapies. This means greatly increasing the possibility of properly treating patients with severe respiratory failure. Furthermore, the helmet also guarantees medical professionals a good protection from the risk of contagion, holding well any contaminated nebulisations. Currently, however, the available production capacity is not capable of cope promptly to the continuous requests. An answer to this problem can be represented by using solutions based on other products. The Italian company Isinnova (Brescia) proposed to reconvert Decathlon snorkeling masks "Easybreath" through the installation of a special valve (called "Charlotte" valve) produced with 3D printing technology.
It immediately becomes clear that the key to convert a common snorkeling mask into a device for assisted ventilation is the valve connecting to the machinery. The solution proposed by lsinnova is valid from a functional point of view, however the current printing machines 3D, such as known, allow low levels of productivity, as they are not machines designed for large-scale production. For this reason Saar Meccanica, a company specialized in mechanical processing including plastic materials, intends to propose its own solution, based on a more "traditional" technology, such as that of chip removal, but at the same time more performing from the point of view of production volumes and consequently costs of production.


C-PAP helmets

ALTER eco disposable s.r.l.

We are developing a totally biodegradable and compostable DPI mask. 


Face masks


GHEPI s.r.l.

To deal with the health emergency caused by Covid-19, we have decided to reconvert our production and create a protective mask produced with the injection molding technology.
ReMask, the brand of our product, is made to be recyclable, reusable and durable to face the shortage and continuous repurchase of disposable masks.
The mask and filter cover are 100% recyclable, by changing only the filter ReMask saves 75% of tissue compared with disposable surgical masks. This face mask is made of HDPE, it is durable and sanitizable, it is not a single use mask.
ReMask has already passed the following tests: UNI EN ISO 10993-1: 2010 Biocompatibility; UNI 14683: 2019 Bacterial Filtration Efficiency (BFE), Flow Resistance (Breathability) and Bioburden.
It's 100% Made in Italy, designed and manufactured by GHEPI.


Face masks