PPE Industries together against Corona

PPE Health Portal Project

The PPE HEALTH PORTAL project is an initiative promoted and financed by CEI - Central European Initiatives, and managed by INFORMEST Consulting S.r.l.

The project aims to promote economic collaboration initiatives and disseminate best practices in the framework of the Covid-19 emergency between EU and NON-EU Countries, in particular supporting companies that manufacture and distribute PPE devices and telemedicine solutions.

The PPE project HEALTH PORTAL intends to create a “virtual” platform where to gather and present European companies engaged in the production and distribution of PPE products and devices required in the context of the Covid-19 emergency, but also companies that have had experience and successful cases of conversion of their production for the construction of PPE devices.

The PPE HEALTH PORTAL becomes an useful and efficient tool for the stakeholders in the health care sector (companies, private and public institutions, hospitals, clinics, etc.) that are involved in the procurement of PPE and telemedicine solutions.

The platform facilitates the efficient meeting of supply and demand, supporting the economic collaboration between EU and NON-EU companies involved in those sectors that are crucial and strategic in the framework of the Covid-19.

At the same time, the project aims to facilitate the exchange of know-how about PPE devices and telemedicine solutions; in particular, the project makes possible the presentation of success stories of European companies that reconverted part of their production for the manufacturing of PPE devices required by the markets to fight the Covid-19.

The distinctive and original element of PPE HEALTH PORTAL is the cross-border approach that will be used to promote and disseminate best practices experiences and successful initiatives adopted by EU companies for reacting to the emergency.

Target Countries

Eu Countries:

Italy, Poland

Non-Eu Countries:

Albania, Bosnia-Erzegovina, Serbia, North Macedonia, Ukraine

Project Team

INFORMEST Consulting S.r.l. from Italy
Cooperation and Development Institute (CDI) of Albania
Development Association NERDA of Bosnia and Herzegovina
LEDIB Cluster House Union BoD of Serbia
Institute of Regional Development (NGO) of Ukraine


Creation of a reference portal at European level

where to gather and present the companies that produce and distribute PPE devices necessary in the fight against Covid-19, or that have converted part of their production for the realization of these devices.

The aim is to provide, at European level, a valid, reliable and effective information and consultation tool for all stakeholders who need to procure PPE devices (public and private entities, hospitals, clinics, etc.) overcoming the difficulties search for manufacturers and reducing the time for finding and selecting suppliers.

The companies supplying PPE devices can propose to be inserted for free on the portal, indicating products and solutions offered, contact data and other useful information, so as to bring supply and demand closer, in a cross-border perspective.

The activity aims to present selected and motivated companies from EU and NON-EU Countries to be included in the international platform of PPE device manufacturers.

Dissemination and transfer of know-how and success stories:

companies from EU countries will present, through direct testimonies, their experiences of conversion of part of the production for the construction of PPE devices.

The goal is to support companies from non-EU Countries in the process of converting production, making their own experiences of success of other companies, highlighting difficulties and obstacles encountered, but also providing solutions and guidelines for a correct planning of the process.

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